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Store(mineral fiber board)

Meiluda ceiling system can improve the utilization rate of indirect lighting, improve the lighting efficiency of the entire lighting system, reducing the production of light and shade, make visual more comfortable.

Corridor area( mineral fiber board)

Meiluda mineral wool ceiling adopts new type environmental acoustic decoration materials, sound-absorbing coefficient (NRC) are above 0.5, can promote architectural function, improve the acoustic environment of buildings, improving the quality of people's lives.

Office(mineral fiber board)

In open office environment, Meiluda mineral wool ceiling system can effectively reduce the communication system, office equipment, and personnel activities brought about by the noise, reduce indoor reverberation noise, make employees concentrate better, improve work efficiency, reduce working fatigue. In a closed office environment, the dew of the ceiling to absorb and stop the propagation of sound waves in the air, effective sound insulation effect, ensure the illicit close sex of the sound room, reduce the interference between adjacent room sound.

Environmentally friendly materials

The quality of life not only depend on the kind of condole top, that we use more depends on our natural environment. Meiluda can't produce clean air, but we don't make pollution; Meiluda can't purify water, but we can control the release of the wastewater; Beauty of nature can't asked for, but we don't increase the burden for the environment.

For years,Meiluda constantly strives for excellence,not only do what we have to.The introduction of key production equipments and technic from Europe make sue the quality can be excellent. And the scientific management which is in a Cusomer-oriented way by sticking to the principle of keeping improving in quality ande service,is the reliable assurance to make that happen.

"Meiluda" Project...

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